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Chteboof2crew was born during the famous Lausanne International Rollerblading Contest in Summer 2004. In those years, it was fashion to be part of a crew in the rollerblading community, having a nice crew name with a wordplay. Team riders from "Crewstibat" (in reference to Croustibat, a brand from Findus) came and asked us from which crew we were.. and what came to rider Boule's mind was "Chteboof2crew" which means in French "I eat you raw".

One year later, semi-professional digital photography camera became cheaper and chteboof2crew team creator Boule acquired a canon 300D and had to show his pictures somewhere on the web.. and this is how Chteboof2crew.org was born.

After many years in the rollerblading community, Boule quite Rollerblading and got into the Motorbike community, and that is the reason why Chteboof2crew.org is split into two galleries: Rollerblading and Motorbike.

From 2009, Chteboof2crew is not only a webgallery. It is a Supermoto team, with friends just wanting to hang out and have fun together around their passion.

However, Chteboof2crew.org still has a foot in the Rollerblading community, still taking picture in some events like the famous "Lausanne StreetBowl Contest" and its famous RollerDisco huge afterparties.

Because time flies, Chteboof2crew team riders spend now more time on the bike than behind the lens, and that is why this official website could seem inactive. But just follow us on our Facebook page to get daily updates.


Thank you for your support.